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    Painted in JugiPaint v0.88 and v0.882.

    Original size: 9000 x 5920 pixels (open image in a new tab to see it in 1520 x 1000 pixels)

    The image was painted using the “oil paint” brushes. I used the “Intense Bristle Brush” the most. Where I wanted less strong brush texture or need more detail I used the “Bristle Brush”.

    Here is a detail of the  image which better shows the brush strokes texture of the painting:

    Ok, I am not sure this kind of brush texture would convince anyone that it belong to an oil painting.  This was done in JugiPaint v0.88 which has no canvas texture and I am sure some kind of “impasto” property would also come handy for the oil painting simulation. Oh well,  I like these brush stroke marks anyway and I have seen worse “abuse” of the term “oil paint” in the world of digital painting applications :). 

    One  important detail regarding the use of these (and other) brushes in high resolutions. There is the “size scale” parameter in the brush support tools which enlarge all brushes including their grain properties! You can change this parameter to quickly change grain size without messing in the brush constructor!

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    • This topic was modified 8 years ago by  Jugilus.
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