New version of JugiPaint

A new version of JugiPaint with the number 0.98 has been released. The main new feature are warping tools which offer a quick way for reshaping images without drawing or painting. These tools can be very valuable for making corrections and various image adjustment. JugiPaint now offer two warping tools – the warp brush and the warp mesh. The warp brush is suitable for general editing and works like a freehand, brush like, tool. The warp mesh works by adjustment of the mesh grid vertexes and is more suitable for reshaping bigger parts of an image. Both tools are available for bitmap layers, vector layers and layers groups.

Here is one image which shows the use of the warp brush.
The guy on the left doesn’t look powerful enough for a fantasy warrior doesn’t he? The right guy comes from the same drawing but enhanced with the warp brush tool. No additional drawing work has been done only a resize with the transform tool.

Another improvement in the latest JugiPaint is an optimization of the brush engine. An important part of the brush engine processing now utilizes multithreading and some other optimizations have also been done. I would say that, in general, the brush engine now works about twice as fast on my development 4 core i5 CPU.


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