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    – NEW brush mode: filter mode (hue/saturation, brightness/contrast and blur).
    – NEW brush mode: pixel mode (specialization mode for pixel graphics)
    – NEW filter: color reduction.
    – Implemented an “Extra View” window which allow an additional view on image.
    – Added new brush variants utilizing new brush modes and new color swatches.
    – Various fixes.

    – Fixed more critical bugs.
    – Added an option to the lasso selection tool for fixed size selections.
    – Added an option to the vector pen tool for continuing lines.

    – Fixed three critical bugs and few other bugs

    – NEW FILTERS: blur, motion linear blur, motion radial blur, sharpen and unsharp mask.
    – NEW TOOL for the bitmap layer: Bucket brush.
    – Implemented “autosave” files as safety backup.
    – Added fade command to Edit menu for fading pixel changes of the last action.
    – Added three levels of visibility for the rulers and mirror – visible, hidden control markers, fully hidden.
    – Fixed several bugs causing wrong tools behavior and one critical bug which could happen when switching between opened images with panels.

    – NEW TOOLS for bitmap and vector layers: Warp brush and warp mesh.
    – Improved performance of the brush engine.
    – Various fixes.

    – A system for managing and showing reference images has been implemented.
    – Added new color filters: “Levels” and “Invert”.
    – Added new blending modes: “color dodge”, “color burn” and “luminosity”.
    – Fixed wrong color fill and gradient fill operations on layer mask.

    – A lot of various bug fixes, including several crashing bugs triggered by “redo” actions.
    – Perspective and angle rulers have improved direction handling in freehand drawing mode.

    – Added several commands for making a new image from existing image, layer or panel data.
    – Added a command for making a new layers group from connected layers.
    – Merge command now works in a way that preserve vector layers in situations where a vector layer is merged into a vector layer bellow (the vector shapes are transferred). The same is true for the text layers.
    – Increased maximum width of vector lines.
    – The navigator now i a slider for zooming.
    – Added a setting for maximum number of undo states.
    – Fixed some critical bugs related to copying stored layers!
    – Fixed a bug which occasionally manifested in weird brush behavior (active brush at full pressure without touching tablet)!

    – Fixed a file saving bug introduced in version v0.952

    – Several modifications and fixes mostly for vector tools, including a crashing bug which could occur in the copy curve operation.
    – Added a setting for the color and opacity of the panel guide lines.

    v0.95 (the first commercial version)
    – NEW LAYER TYPES: filter layers and text layer.
    – New color filters.
    – GUI modifications.
    – Help documentation has been included.
    – Added a new asset type – preset image sizes.
    – Many additions, modifications and fixes.

    v0.90 (development version)
    – Added transfer commands for copying layers and panels between images.
    – Added support for windows clipboard for copying images to and from the bitmap layers.
    – Added Canvas Size and Crop Canvas commands for changing canvas dimensions.
    – All image and panel transformations have now undo/redo actions.
    – Some bug fixes.

    v0.89 (development version)
    – Brush engine improvements – added a parameter for the brush tip grain dynamic update.
    – Vector pen improvements – added smoothing and stabilizer parameters.
    – Fixed various bugs, including a bug that occasionally crashed the application when using some vector tools.
    – Improvements for more comfortable work with rulers.
    – Various smaller fixes.

    v0.882 (development version)
    – Added options for creating bitmap layers via selection copy or cut.
    – Added .psd format to imported images.
    – Fixed .jpg images importing.
    – Some other smaller fixes.

    v0.88 (development version)
    – NEW BRUSH SUBTOOLS: Rulers and mirror.
    – NEW TOOLS: Gradient fill tool, color adjustment tools – hue/saturation and brightness/contrast.
    – Some GUI changes in organization of tool windows.
    – Fixed layer composition error for layers in groups (wrong transparency calculation).
    – Fixed occasional wrong behavior of the bucket fill tool and the magic wand selection tool due to error in detection code.
    – Fixed severe slowness of selection tools at higher resolutions.
    – Fixed resizing error at exporting image (noise pixels) and improved quality of interpolated resizing.
    – Fixed many other bugs in various tools and operations.
    – Various small adjustments in functionality.

    v0.83 (Development Preview)
    – NEW GUIDE LAYER TYPE: The perspective.
    – Fixed the bug which could cause crash at the panel or board transformations.

    v0.82 (Development Preview)
    – NEW TOOL: Magic wand selection tool.
    – NEW GUIDE LAYER TYPE: Simple mannequin.
    – Few smaller bug fixes.

    v0.817 (Development Preview)
    – Fixed the bug which caused crash when deleting the first panel.
    – Fixed the bug which could cause pixel anomalies at the top of exported images.
    – Fixed the image exporting to jpg format.

    v0.815 (Development Preview)
    – Heavily improved down-scaling quality for the panel and image resizing operations.
    – Added scaling feature to image exporting.
    – Added the expand filled area parameter to the bucket fill tool.
    – Added an additional brush resizing shortcut (key S) for quick resizing via pen moving.
    – Added the question dialog for saving changed images when closing or quiting the application.
    – Fixed various bugs, including a severe bug which could crash the application when using the bucket fill tool with antialiasing.

    v0.811 (Development Preview)
    – Fixed a severe error that could cause crash anytime after editing panel border.
    – Fixed a severe error that caused crash when using lasso tool.
    – Fixed few other bugs – panel border lines are now saved to image, fixed visual glitches in the panel border area.

    v0.81 (Development Preview)
    – NEW TOOL: Bucket fill tool.
    – Various bug fixes.

    v0.8 (Development Preview)

    The first public release.

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