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    I would like a solution for the lag that is currently making the program unusable for me.
    I paid for this program not expecting this issue (as never before had I seen it anywhere else.) and I would like for there to be a detailed list of fixes and workarounds here for others experiencing this issue… I have tried all of the following to no success.
    1. Updating tablet drivers.
    2. Lowering stabilizer value.
    3. Changing Tablet tracking coordinates.
    4. Edit brush size/spacing.

    This list is too short as well as the last “solution” being a massive drawback to your software. I would love to see a future update solving this issue, but as of late I am becoming a little bit annoyed at this issue being seemingly overlooked or not being vocalized.

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    No idea what could be wrong. If I understand correctly you have lag even with simple small brushes like pen and low stabilizer value? Can you tell me what system do you use? Maybe the issue is system related.
    In my experience the speed of JugiPaint is comparable to some other CPU based painting tools although some brush parameters can slow it down a lot. I will do more optimizations in future, using multithreading for some task which currently utilize only one core. However it will never be comparable in speed with GPU based painting programs. Unless, of course, I go that route with JugiPaint. Well, currently I prefer flexibility of CPU coding.
    Anyway, if JugiPaint is unusable for you, you should just refund it on Steam.

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    I use an HP P7-1074
    With an AMD Phenom II X4 960T Processor 3.00GHz
    8 GB ram
    and a Nvidia GT-730 GPU

    I have put in my request for a refund but knowing steam it most likely won’t work. Sorry for my frustration its just I have never encountered such an issue before with any of the software I have used…and I prefer to use a variety of programs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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