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    My development system is win8.1 64 bit and everything works ( + it works on win10 64bit, and Vista 32bit).

    Anyway i will prepare a special version of Jugipaint, which will write step by step debug log for the delete operation. That way I will be able to trace down the breaking point…

    I will do the same for the .jpg file saving, that is also one weird case.

    Sorry for the troubles with these bugs.


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    I found the bug causing crashing when deleting the first panel! I haven’t found the bug earlier because inside the development environment it was not registered! Will need to pay attention for such cases in future.

    I put up a debug version anyway just to make sure… JugiPaint_dbg_64bit.zip

    It also includes debug log for exporting image. I have an idea what could be the case with that .jpg saving problem, but please try it , and copy/paste the created debug file here.

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    wow! that was fast 😀

    deleting bottom panel works well now.

    1 _TAction==TADelete

    1 MakeUndoStateForDeleteElement

    1 MakeUndoStateForDeleteElements

    2 MakeUndoStateForDeleteElements item kind:4 nameID:Panel 2

    3 MakeUndoStateForDeleteElementsItem->listIndex:1

    4 MakeUndoStateForDeleteElements

    5 MakeUndoStateForDeleteElements saveToFileUndoDataForDeletedElements:1

    6 MakeUndoStateForDeleteElements savePath:C:/Users/Jaroslaw/AppData/Local/Jugilus/JugiPaint/tmp/1.jtm

    7 MakeUndoStateForDeleteElements

    8 MakeUndoStateForDeleteElements item kind:4

    9 MakeUndoStateForDeleteElements Element kind:4

    1 TPanel::SavePixmapData nameID:Panel 2

    2 TPanel::SavePixmapData nameID:Panel 2

    1 TPanel::DeletePixmapData nameID:Panel 2

    2 TPanel::DeletePixmapData nameID:Panel 2

    10 MakeUndoStateForDeleteElements

    11 MakeUndoStateForDeleteElements

    2 _TAction==TADelete

    1 RemoveLayerElement nameID:Panel 2 saveID:1

    1 RemoveLayerElements saveID:1

    2 RemoveLayerElements

    3 RemoveLayerElements index:1

    4 RemoveLayerElements NewSelectedElement:Canvas

    5 RemoveLayerElements Panel:Canvas

    6 RemoveLayerElements item:Panel 2

    7 RemoveLayerElements removed:1

    8 RemoveLayerElements saveID:1

    1 TPanel::DeletePixmapData nameID:Panel 2

    2 TPanel::DeletePixmapData nameID:Panel 2

    9 RemoveLayerElements

    10 RemoveLayerElements  Panel && NewSelectedElement

    11 RemoveLayerElements

    12 RemoveLayerElements

    13 RemoveLayerElements

    14 RemoveLayerElements

    3 _TAction==TADelete



    and for exporting:

    1 TExportImageDialog suffix:jpg

    2 TExportImageDialog suggestedFilePath:D://Untitled Image 1.jpg

    3 TExportImageDialog filePath:D:/jpgfile.jpg

    4 TExportImageDialog

    1 TLongOperation_ExportImage

    2 TLongOperation_ExportImage Pixmap width:2362 height:3543

    3 TLongOperation_ExportImage filePath:D:/jpgfile.jpg

    4 TLongOperation_ExportImage NOT SAVED!


    for some reason though, the debug version exports .bmp and .png files as solid white. the same file is correctly exported in 0.815


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    for some reason though, the debug version exports .bmp and .png files as solid white. the same file is correctly exported in 0.815

    Yes, I know… image composition is broken as I was searching for the reason for that lines of pixels at the top. Well, the searching was successful and that bug has been also fixed. What is left is that .jpg saving problem – it seem that .jpg saving (probaly also loading) support is not available in the framework libraries supplied with Jugipaint, even if I was sure it is. Need to check out what is the case and fix it. An update with all these fixes should be ready in near future.

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