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    JugiPaint is a new painting tool from the developer of Comicado (me). If the name Comicado suggest an application designed  for creating comics then JugiPaint doesnt’t imply much behind that this is a painting application. My goal for JugiPaint is to be a capable general purpose painting application. An application which offers quality tools and features for painting and drawing in distinctive techniques and styles as well as creating more specialized artworks like comics.

    JugiPaint still lacks to many features to be considered ready for serious work. Some “essential tools” are not yet in and many cool things from Comicado are not yet implemented. Still, for some kind of work it can be already usable.


    There is currently no help available. I think most tools are not too hard to comprehend for users with  some experiences  in other painting applications.

    Shortcuts are mostly standard (from Photoshop).  I will mention just few less standard, but very useful:

    hold down:

    CTRL – brush tool: activate blend coloring mode of the current brush

    CTRL- vector eraser, reshaper and transform: enter curve selecting mode

    A – vector edit tool: add point

    D – vector edit tool: delete point

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