Panels are probably the most distinguishable elements of sequential art. Graphics applications which get advertised as suitable for creating comics often provide some tools for working with panels. Comicado is no exception. It provides support for panels in a very fundamental way - the panels are the base containers for actual artwork. C2 is preserving this [...]

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Vectors – part 2

In my last post I talked about the new vector engine in C2 which was designed for easier drawing of smooth shapes and curves. It was less suited for drawing arbitrary, organic curves. I said was, because the vector engine of C2 has grown a lot since then. First thing - Comicado splines are now [...]

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Summer news

When I am working on C2 I don't follow any "task list" and I don't have any fixed priorities. Mostly I work on a feature and when I reach the point where I can't continue or finish the feature because some other feature is not yet implemented, I go working on that one. Or maybe [...]

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C2 in work…

Not much news lately but behind the scene the work on C2 is going on without bigger interruptions. It is taking more time then anticipated but that is the norm when it comes to my development. One of priorities for the new application is to remove or fix various Comicado "quirks". Users of Comicado have [...]

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The first look

Another month is around and here is another post from the development front. This time I will share some more concrete information about my new graphics application (let's call it C2 for now) . Here is one screenshot of C2 (please keep in mind that this is a "work in progress" and "far from finished" [...]

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December news

If you was considering buying Comicado this may be a right time to get it. The lowered price will last till the begin of the new year. This small image is not interesting just becouse of its message. As I mentioned in my last post I am now working on the sequel to Comicado. I have [...]

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Some news

There were no new versions of Comicado for 2 months now. The reason is that after the release of v 1.00 I took a break from it. I had one unfinished game project left waiting for more then a year and I needed to return to it before it got forgotten. I am afraid that [...]

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