JugiPaint v0.82 is now available

The new version of JugiPaint brings another base tool - the magic wand selection tool. This tool is technically quite similar to the paint bucket fill tool so its implementation didn't took too much time. Another addition is a new layer type called simple mannequin. This is actually the pose element from Comicado with a new name. I decided that there [...]

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Another week, another update

New versions of JugiPaint are now being released in intervals of one to two weeks. I hope to manage keeping that pace for some time in future. To keep this post quick (lazy me) I will just copy/paste the change log of the new version. Heavily improved down-scaling quality for the panel and image resizing operations. Added scaling [...]

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New version of JugiPaint

The short-term roadmap for JugiPaint is to add more standard tools and some missing features of Comicado. Standard tools are tools like Bucket fill tool, Magic wand selection tool, various selection tools... essentially the kind of tools which the users expect to find in any half-serious painting application. Following that roadmap, the new version of JugiPaint brings the [...]

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JugiPaint v0.8 is out!

It is finally here! After many delays, the first public release of my new painting tool is now available. The application called "C2" in my past posts will be from now on known as JugiPaint.  The current version is marked as Development preview  to emphasize that it is still not yet something ready for serious work. Still, [...]

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Development news

The February is here and I am forced to admit that my plan to get the first public version of C2 out in January failed. I have been working hard to achieve that goal and even a week before the end of the month it looked I may actually succeed. What was left was to [...]

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An end of the year post

C2 has been now in development for almost a year and a half. It has been kept behind the closed doors so far, but that should change in the coming year. My main current goal is to finally put out the first testing version. Something which could be described as a  development preview version. I hope [...]

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Panels are probably the most distinguishable elements of sequential art. Graphics applications which get advertised as suitable for creating comics often provide some tools for working with panels. Comicado is no exception. It provides support for panels in a very fundamental way - the panels are the base containers for actual artwork. C2 is preserving this [...]

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Vectors – part 2

In my last post I talked about the new vector engine in C2 which was designed for easier drawing of smooth shapes and curves. It was less suited for drawing arbitrary, organic curves. I said was, because the vector engine of C2 has grown a lot since then. First thing - Comicado splines are now [...]

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Summer news

When I am working on C2 I don't follow any "task list" and I don't have any fixed priorities. Mostly I work on a feature and when I reach the point where I can't continue or finish the feature because some other feature is not yet implemented, I go working on that one. Or maybe [...]

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C2 in work…

Not much news lately but behind the scene the work on C2 is going on without bigger interruptions. It is taking more time then anticipated but that is the norm when it comes to my development. One of priorities for the new application is to remove or fix various Comicado "quirks". Users of Comicado have [...]

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