Several months has passed since the last JugiPaint update and I owe some report of what is going on with its development. Well, I must say that I took a little break from JugiPaint. I am now working on another, smaller graphic application which will be used for something I couldn't really fit into JugiPaint. [...]

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JugiPaint v1.00 is out

The version 1.00 of JugiPaint is now available. This version is in no way special because of its round number - it is just another update, a stage in development when I consider that JugiPaint has been improved enough to varrant a new version. So what is new this time? The main new thing are [...]

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JugiPaint news

This month there were no version of JugiPaint with substantial new features. My focus was more on using JugiPaint and fixing bugs. I just put up the latest version 0.993 which is the second such release since the version 0.9.  It is an important update which fixes few more crashing bugs and some other smaller [...]

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JugiPaint v0.99 is out

A new batch of JugiPaint improvements is here and it consists of mixed stuff. 1. The JugiPaint's assortment of filters has been enriched with the following filters: blur, motion linear blur, motion radial blur, sharpen and unsharp mask. 2. A new tool called the bucket brush is now available for editing bitmap layers. As the name [...]

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New version of JugiPaint

A new version of JugiPaint with the number 0.98 has been released. The main new feature are warping tools which offer a quick way for reshaping images without drawing or painting. These tools can be very valuable for making corrections and various image adjustment. JugiPaint now offer two warping tools - the warp brush and the [...]

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JugiPaint v0.97 released

The latest update of JugiPaint brings a system for using reference images. JugiPaint now provides three separate windows for showing reference images. The users can define a set of reference images for each window and transform them to optimum position and size. The defined reference images are connected to the active image and saved with [...]

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A bug fix release

I have been using JugiPaint a lot lately and this allowed me to encounter and fix quite a lot of various bugs, including some crashing bugs related to undo/redo actions. Most of these were quite obvious bugs which manifested in misbehavior of tools or operations in some cases.

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A new update.

JugiPaint received  another update without big new features but with several smaller additions which can be useful. New commands have been added for making new images from existing layers or panels. If you have missed a possibility to merge a vector layer into a vector layer - the merge command can now handle that operation. [...]

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JugiPaint is now available on Steam

You can now buy JugiPaint also on Steam. For that occasion a new bugfix version has also been released and is a recommended update. Everyone who has bought or will buy in future JugiPaint directly from this site is also receiving a Steam key. The key can be found in the customers area, like the [...]

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Broken file saving fixed !

The version from yesterday has broken file saving! Probably the most unpleasant bug of all - a bug which corrupts save files. I did some small changes in save code and forgot to test it. Oh well, lesson learned. I apologize if somebody lost his work (like me). Will be more more careful in future. [...]

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