JugiPaint v0.99 is out

A new batch of JugiPaint improvements is here and it consists of mixed stuff.

1. The JugiPaint’s assortment of filters has been enriched with the following filters: blur, motion linear blur, motion radial blur, sharpen and unsharp mask.

2. A new tool called the bucket brush is now available for editing bitmap layers. As the name may suggests this tool is a hybrid between the bucket fill tool and the brush. It works like a freehand brush which perform the bucket color fill. This is a specialization tool which makes a tiresome task of coloring line art (creating color flats) faster and more comfortable.
Here is one little comic where the bucket brush proved its usefulness. I must say it would be now hard going back to the lasso tool for doing color flats.

3. Automatic saving of autosave files at a specified time interval has been implemented. This provides a safety backup for users like me, who are forgetting to save their images regularly.

4. A new command which can be found in the Edit Menu is Fade. This command fades pixel changes of the last action if such action was performed. It works for all bitmap layer tools which changes pixels (brush, fill, gradient, filters, clear…).

5. Added three levels of visibility for the rulers and mirror – visible, hidden control markers, fully hidden.

6. Fixed several bugs causing wrong tools behavior and one particularly nasty bug which could happen when switching between opened images with panels.


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