JugiPaint v0.97 released

The latest update of JugiPaint brings a system for using reference images. JugiPaint now provides three separate windows for showing reference images. The users can define a set of reference images for each window and transform them to optimum position and size. The defined reference images are connected to the active image and saved with it. When you load or activate a JugiPaint image, its reference images get restored as well. A note should be taken that only paths to reference images are stored – the images must be found at their stored disk locations in order to be shown.

Here is a screenshot which shows the new reference images windows.

Other new features which can be found it the new version of JugiPaint are new blending modes (color dodge,  color burn and luminosity)  and a new color filter Levels. Of course some bug fixes are mandatory for every release Рif you found weird how color fill operations work (or not work) on layer masks Рit now works like in Photoshop.

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