A new version of JugiPaint is nov available. This is a smaller update, a bugfix version with few tweaks mostly for the vector tools. However one crashing bug has been fixed so I it is a recommended update. There is a dilemma how often should I put out new versions of JugiPaint. I think that will depend mostly of the bugs. I will for sure not release a new version for every new feature, but the bugs should be fixed when encountered, especially severe bugs which can crash the application.

The problem with frequent updates is that JugiPaint has no automatic updates. New versions must be downloaded and installed over the previous version by hand. JugiPaint installation package is about 10Mb in size so it can be downloaded quickly, but the update process still require a minute or two of work. A solution would be to implement automatic updates and that is something I will examine in the future. Another way to get automatic updates will be the Steam version. JugiPaint should appear on Steam very soon.  After that happen I will provide a Steam key to all who bought (or will buy in future) JugiPaint from this site.