JugiPaint v0.9 released

The new version of JugiPaint brings improvements in general usability, mostly related to modifications in memory management with inclusion of new scratch files for bitmap data. The missing undo/redo actions for the board and the panel transformations are now implemented. Two tools for changing canvas dimension (Crop Canvas and Canvas Size) have enriched the Edit menu and a much needed system for transferring layer elements is now available. It works like an internal clipboard for JugiPaint layer types – any layer, group or panel can be stored and then pasted at wanted destination. Additionally the standard windows clipboard is applicable for transferring images from and to the bitmaps layers. This allow quick exchange of layers with other painting applications. Well, in theory at least. In practice it works well with some applications (MediBang Paint ) and not so well with other (an older Photohop where the alpha channel is lost). As in every version some bugs were fixed (and hopefully no new introduced).

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