JugiPaint v0.88

A new version of JugiPaint is out and it is one much needed release. Much needed in a way that it fixes a plethora of various bugs.  Wrong composition of grouped layers, occasionally  wrong operation of the bucket fill tool and magic wand selection tool , very slow operation of selection tools in higher resolutions… these are just few of the problems which are now (hopefully permanently) fixed. I have been using the application lately more seriously for drawing illustrations and that involved an unpleasant task of “killing” the bugs that came across.

The “real world” usage also exposed the need for few missing tools from Comicado so I quickly ported them to JugiPaint. The gradient fill tool and two color adjustment filters – hue/saturation and brightness/contrast are now in. They are currently the same as in Comicado, quite basic, but they do the job. I am planning  to provide improved color adjustment functionality in future as this is something which can be very useful when creating color sketches for artworks. Another new addition are the brush rulers. The rulers also originate from Comicado, but JugiPaint’s  implementation has been reworked and improved in several ways. They are now quicker to place in position and have parameters which define their behavior and appearance.

Here is one piece I did in JugiPaint:

The original size of the image was 4000×3200 pixels and the image above was downsampled at the image exporting. In the creation of this image I used all available bitmap tools and some vector lines where more precise curves were needed. In the near future I am planning to do more images which show capabilities of the application. I also need to prepare a “trailer” video, a proper web page, do some advertising… and not neglect too much the coding I guess . Busy days ahead (as always).


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