JugiPaint in perspective

A new version of JugiPaint is out and it brings a cool new feature for drawing in perspective – the perspective guide layer. This means that both kinds of guide layers from Comicado, the perspective and the simple mannequin are now also available in JugiPaint. Well, not exactly. The simple mannequin is indeed a straight conversion of the Comicado pose, but the perspective has been completely revamped. The main problem of perspective guides from Comicado is lack of depth – there are no guide lines in 3D space. It provides vanishing points, which is usable to establish overall perspective lines, but distances in space must be faked. This is no longer the case with the perspective in JugiPaint. The new implementation uses grid planes which allows correct positioning and correct sizes in space. The perspective guide lines are based on 3 movable grid planes (one for each space dimension) with adjustable grid spacing and additional lines perpendicular to the planes (normals). Sounds complicated? It is actually a quite simple and clear design when you try and play a bit around.

Here is a screenshot showing the perspective guide layer:

As you can see an additional separate tool window has been included for editing the grid planes. This is because this operations is also accessible while working with other tools in order to provide better workflow. In other words, you can draw and adjust grid planes to best fit without leaving the brush tool.

One of the important features still missing in JugiPaint are the rulers. As you can imagine they would supplement perspective guide lines quite nicely. Well, I think I know what is the next thing to implement.

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