JugiPaint v0.82 is now available

The new version of JugiPaint brings another base tool – the magic wand selection tool. This tool is technically quite similar to the paint bucket fill tool so its implementation didn’t took too much time. Another addition is a new layer type called simple mannequin. This is actually the pose element from Comicado with a new name. I decided that there will be only human mannequin available in JugiPaint. Comicado features some animal poses and allows construction of custom poses but reality is that those other poses are close to useless. These kind of mannequins are just too simple (well, that’s why I used that word in the new name) to be of any use for other beings. They can be of some kind of use for humans due to the facts that (a) we are symmetrical creatures and (b) artists are in general more familiar with depicting human forms.

Simple mannequins belong to the layers called guide layers. These layers are special layers with a purpose to make some tasks easier.  Comicado features another guide layer type, a very useful (imho) perspective layer. Which is next on my list of planned JugiPaint features.

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