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Not much news lately but behind the scene the work on C2 is going on without bigger interruptions. It is taking more time then anticipated but that is the norm when it comes to my development. One of priorities for the new application is to remove or fix various Comicado “quirks”. Users of Comicado have probably found out that some of its tools or properties work a bit strange, especially if you compare them to some other applications. They do the job but often lack in possibilities or feel “unusual”. One such example is the implementation of layers which doesn’t handle correctly group transparencies and is generally quite inflexible in use. Another example is the transform tool which is too basic and feel weird in some instances. One of the goals for C2 is to provide more powerful and “correct” implementations for all these base tools and properties which need it. Here is one screen-shot of the new transform tool.


This kind of improvements are probably not the most exciting but they need to be done as the current solutions in Comicado are just not good enough. From artist perspective more interesting will probably be improvements of the brush engine. Actually, “an improved brush engine” is no longer a fitting description as there is little left from the one from Comicado. I can easily say that C2 will feature a new brush engine. I will say more about it some other time – there will probably be few more blog posts (even with my frequency of posting ) before C2 see the light of day. Well, I still hope to put some kind of beta out this summer but, of course, no promises.

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  1. obtusity May 18, 2015 at 9:22 am - Reply

    That transform looks like an artist’s “perspective” 🙂

    Seriously, great to see progress happening!

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