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disc If you was considering buying Comicado this may be a right time to get it. The lowered price will last till the begin of the new year.
This small image is not interesting just becouse of its message. As I mentioned in my last post I am now working on the sequel to Comicado. I have now ported enough of code from Comicado that I could draw this image in the new applicatipon. Which in practice means that the minimum functionality is now in but not much more. Well, apart from the GUI. The most of my work so far went into the GUI. Graphic applications are known that they often use many non-standard gui elements (called also widgets). Mine is no exception. Creating the user interface for a graphic application require quite a lot of work if you want it to looks and works nicely. You also need a good GUI framework but that is a technical subject that I will leave for another post.
Comicado features various tools, layer elements and other things. The new application should include most (if not all) of them. I plan to transfer them one by one by the method “port and improve”. I can’t say at this point what that “improve” means. When I look at the current features and their implementations, I see a lot of place for improvements.  And of course, there are things I would like to put it which are completely new. I will post more concrete information about improvements and changes in the future blog posts.

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