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A new update.

JugiPaint received  another update without big new features but with several smaller additions which can be useful. New commands have been added for making new images from existing layers or panels. If you have missed a possibility to merge a vector layer into a vector layer - the merge command can now handle that operation. [...]

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JugiPaint is now available on Steam

You can now buy JugiPaint also on Steam. For that occasion a new bugfix version has also been released and is a recommended update. Everyone who has bought or will buy in future JugiPaint directly from this site is also receiving a Steam key. The key can be found in the customers area, like the [...]

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Broken file saving fixed !

The version from yesterday has broken file saving! Probably the most unpleasant bug of all - a bug which corrupts save files. I did some small changes in save code and forgot to test it. Oh well, lesson learned. I apologize if somebody lost his work (like me). Will be more more careful in future. [...]

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A small update

A new version of JugiPaint is nov available. This is a smaller update, a bugfix version with few tweaks mostly for the vector tools. However one crashing bug has been fixed so I it is a recommended update. There is a dilemma how often should I put out new versions of JugiPaint. I think that [...]

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JugiPaint has been released!

After more than two years of development JugiPaint has finally reached a state where I am content enough with it to put it out as a commercial product. This release brings many improvements over the previous development versions. It has new layers types (filter and text layers),  new asset  items (preset images) and improved GUI. Various modifications, [...]

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Development news

There were no new versions of JugiPaint for some time so I think it is appropriate to give some information about what is going on with its development. JugiPaint is now out of beta and there will be no new development version. I am now working to push JugiPaint to its first commercial version - a version [...]

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JugiPaint v0.9 released

The new version of JugiPaint brings improvements in general usability, mostly related to modifications in memory management with inclusion of new scratch files for bitmap data. The missing undo/redo actions for the board and the panel transformations are now implemented. Two tools for changing canvas dimension (Crop Canvas and Canvas Size) have enriched the Edit menu and [...]

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JugiPaint v0.88

A new version of JugiPaint is out and it is one much needed release. Much needed in a way that it fixes a plethora of various bugs.  Wrong composition of grouped layers, occasionally  wrong operation of the bucket fill tool and magic wand selection tool , very slow operation of selection tools in higher resolutions... these are just [...]

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JugiPaint in perspective

A new version of JugiPaint is out and it brings a cool new feature for drawing in perspective – the perspective guide layer. This means that both kinds of guide layers from Comicado, the perspective and the simple mannequin are now also available in JugiPaint. Well, not exactly. The simple mannequin is indeed a straight [...]

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