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JugiPaint is a painting software with diverse tools for various types of illustration work. It provides many standard digital painting features like layers, brushes, selections, transformations, etc., as well as some less often like guide layers and panels.


The key components of painting are brushes. JugiPaint features a versatile brush system which powers a wide range of brushes for different painting results. High level of customization allows the users to create new brushes tailored to their need.

Inking and coloring

With brushes for smooth or fuzzy lines, dry brush inking effect and powerful vector tools, JugiPaint offers a lot of possibilities to inkers. Coloring of the line drawings, from the color flats to the final rendering is achievable with various selection tools and brushes.

Vector tools

A powerful set of tools for creating and editing vector lines supplements the bitmap based art tools. Two distinct vector tools are the vector pen which works like an ordinary brush and the vector polycurves which are great for precise construction of smoothly shaped objects.

Guide tools

JugiPaint provides various features and tools which make some tasks easier. The perspective guide layers help forming an illustration in correct perspective and the perspective ruler speed up drawing of straight lines. The simple mannequin is a fun addition which may help the users finding a needed pose for their drawn characters.

JugiPaint is currently available for PCs with 64-bit Windows.